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Majid Ali is a pioneer who is changing the face of medicine with his innovative and spirited approach.

His credentials are impeccable Complementary Medicine Journal

"I stand in awe of Ali's superb scientific knowledge, his insights into the nature of the the healing process and his ability to explain hard science."

Aubrey Worrell, MD
Past President, the American Academy of
Environmental Medicine

Majid Ali, M.D.
ditor, The Journal of Integrative Medicine

Formerly, Associate Professor of Pathology (adj.), College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University, NY

Formerly, President of Staff and
Chief Pathologist, Holy Name Hospital, Teaneck, NJ

Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons of England - Diplomate,

American Board of Anatomic and Clinical Pathology

Diplomate, American Boards of Environmental Medicine

President Capital University of Integrative Medicine

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Majid Ali, M.D.

Some amazing things happen when three atoms of oxygen dance together, like three little girls holding each other's hands in ring-around-the-rosie. Those familiar with Italian art may see that as the three muses in Botticelli's Primavera. Oxygen atoms dancing in threesomes ( ozone in common language) have the potential of both seriously threatening human health as well as saving lives of the very sick. Such is the mystery of oxygen in a ring-around-the-rosie!
Ozone is a good player. Ozone is a bad player. I read articles published by public health officials warning readers about the dangers of rising levels of ozone in smog. They write about ozone toxicity and consider it as one of the important factors in the rising incidence of lung disorders, including
asthma, in polluted cities. That makes ozone bad. Then I hear scientists on TV forecasting doom because there is not enough ozone up in the sky. They show maps of gaping holes in the ozone layer. They teach us that ozone in the sky protects us from cancer-causing ultraviolet rays in sunlight, and that we get skin cancer when holes in the ozone layer fail to block those rays. That makes ozone a good player. Many people do not seem to realize that ozone in pure form and ozone mixed with pollutants behave differently. (Furthermore, the ozone layer in the stratosphere has a different impact on humans than that on a beach.)
Ozone is an oxidant. Ozone is an antioxidant. "Of course, ozone is an oxidant. That's basic chemistry," the chemists chime, in supporting drug doctors. "Don't those quacks who inject ozone into the blood understand something that simple? Doesn't everyone know we need antioxidants such as vitamin C and E to protect our tissues from oxidative injury? Don't they know anything about science?" That shows ozone is an oxidant. "Yes, ozone is an oxidant in a test tube," the ozone therapists refuse to yield. "The point is that ozone works for the chronically ill, whether it is oxidant or antioxidant." So the proponents of ozone therapy are steadfast in their defense of the empirical value of their chosen therapy.

For several years, I sided with the chemists on the above issue. How could I reject established chemistry? So I stayed clear of ozone and hydrogen peroxide therapies. But then I conducted some other experiments and, to my great surprise, found that ozone and hydrogen peroxide serve as antioxidant therapies in patients with
fibromyalgia and CFS, even though both substances are potent oxidants in a test tube. This phenomenon thus demonstrates another aspect of the amazing dual roles of oxygen. In 1998, I published my observations about the apparent paradox of an in vitro (in the laboratory) oxidant serving as a powerful in vivo (in the body) antioxidant therapy in fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome in The Journal of Integrative Medicine.
Ozone is a dangerous gas. Ozone is a safe gas. I see most mainstream doctors cringe when they hear about intravenous injections of ozone. They imagine patients collapsing with strokes as bubbles of the gas block small blood vessels in their brains. "How can anyone can be that stupid to inject a toxic gas straight into the blood of a living person?," they ask with indignation. That makes ozone a dangerous gas. "Ozone is safe," ozone therapists counter. "Why don't those closed-minded drug doctors simply talk to patients who receive ozone therapy? They will find out that no one keels over after an ozone infusion." That makes ozone a safe gas to inject.

Years ago, I was curious about that controversy. So I thought of a simple experiment and conducted it several times. Immediately after injecting ozone into a vein, I pulled on the plunger of the syringe. What I got back was bright red ozonated blood, not dark vein blood with gas bubbles trapped in it. I found out that ozone diffuses rapidly into the blood and cannot lead to gas bubbles trapped in blood vessels in the brain, or for that matter anywhere else.

Ozone is a useless therapy. Ozone is a valuable therapy. "There is no known scientific evidence that ozone works for anything. If there was any evidence, why wouldn't The New England Journal of Medicine publish such evidence?," the drugs doctors tell their patients. That makes ozone therapy quackery. "The scientific evidence of efficacy is not known to you because you are ignorant of holistic literature," the ozone therapists respond with sarcasm. "There are hundreds of published papers that demonstrate the many clinical benefits of ozone therapies. Why don't you read those papers?" That makes ozone useful.

My personal experience supports ozone therapists. Ozone gives me positive results in the majority of the patients for whom I use that therapy.

Ozone is a toxic free radical. Ozone enhances tissue oxygenation. " Ozone is a powerful free radical," the professors teach medical students. "Free radicals lacerate every living thing in their way. Why would anyone ever damage circulating blood by putting into it a powerful free radical such as ozone? How can twenty, thirty or fifty milliliters of ozone improve oxygen supply to tissues that receive 5,000 or so milliliters of blood every minute?," they ask with patronizing smiles. That makes ozone a sharp dagger. "Silly professor stuff!," the ozone therapists hit back. "Why don't those professors simply try it and find for themselves whether or not ozone works? Why don't they get off their high horses and for once do some honest work? Ozone works. We know that. Our patients know that. Those professors can do that as well if only they were serious enough to test ozone therapy." That makes ozone an oxygenator.
Many, but not all, of my patients tell me that ozone therapy lifts their brain fog and they can think clearly. Of course, ozone alone does not cure anything. This is one of the explanations of the paradox of oxidant ozone serving as antioxidant therapy. By improving tissue oxygenation, ozone diminishes
Ozone tightens arteries. Ozone opens up arteries. "Ozone is an irritant, and irritants cause arteries to tighten up, not open up," the academics weigh in the debate. That makes ozone a vasoconstrictor. "Nonsense!" cry out ozone therapists in rebuttal. "Ozone commonly creates a flush effect if given rapidly. That indicates opening up of blood vessels, and not tightening them up." That makes ozone a vasodilator. Many of my patients report a desirable sense of warmth in their tissues after ozone therapy. This is another explanation of the paradox of oxidant ozone serving as antioxidant therapy. By improving tissue blood supply, ozone counters anoxia and oxidosis.

Ozone is useless for viral infections. Ozone is an effective antiviral therapy. "Ozone may have some antiviral activity in a test tube, but it has not been proven effective clinically," the drug doctors argue. When using that argument, they seem not to be troubled by the fact that there they reverse themselves and speak against their laboratory findings. Taken at its face value, that makes ozone useless for viral infections. "Come and we will show you falling viral counts after ozone therapy," the ozone folks challenge. That makes ozone an effective antiviral agent. Of course, drug doctors consider it beneath their dignity to study the clinical histories of patients of ozone therapists.

I see significant drops in the viral counts of my patients with HIV and hepatitis infections after treatment with ozone and/or hydrogen peroxide infusions. This is yet another explanation of the paradox of oxidant ozone serving as antioxidant therapy. Viruses cause cellular injury by causing oxidative cell membrane injury. By reducing the viral load, ozone counters oxidosis.

Ozone is worthless for wounds. Ozone is good for wound healing. Ozone is ineffective for severe immune disorders. Ozone is beneficial in treatment of such disorders, including lupus, multiple sclerosis, vasculitis, and others. Ozone is voodoo treatment for cancer. Ozone is a good therapy to include in a program for controlling cancer. Those controversies have raged for decades.

My view of those debates is this: The academics are right in pure theory. The ozone therapists are right in empirical observations. The trick, of course, is to figure out how oxygen in a ring-around-the- rosie does so many seemingly contradictory things. Ozone rapidly turns into hydrogen peroxide which, in turn, brings to life (turns on) many antioxidant enzyme systems.20-22 So it is that what I write above for ozone is also true of hydrogen peroxide. Again, I refer the advanced and professional readers to my in-depth discussion of the paradoxical effects of ozone and hydrogen peroxide in Canary Three: Fibromyalgia Is an Oxidative-Dysoxygenative Disorder ( ODD).


Majid Ali, M.D.
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They are approximately 45 minutes long and are a "seminar" on the subject.

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and Aging,
Majid Ali, M.D.
490 pages



wpe7.gif (5571 bytes)
RDA Rats, Drugs and Assumptions
ISBN 1-879131-07-2
A book that challenges most of the cherished assumptions of drug medicine. It lays bare many of the deceptions in medical statistics - most of them intended, it seems. It shows how results of valid medical research are deliberately distorted to promote long-term use of drugs of dubious value. It exposes the deep prejudice of practitioners of drug medicine against natural, non-toxic drug therapies.

This book clearly delineates the scientific basis of energetic-molecular events that cause disease, and shows how accelerated oxidative injury to human enzyme systems - comprised of energy, detoxification and digestive enzymes - is the cause of all disease processes. Furthermore, it describes how oxidative enzyme injury leads to disruptions of the bowel, blood and other body organ ecosystems.




 ghoraa.gif (8446 bytes)

The Ghoraa and Limbic Exercise
ISBN 1-879131-02-1
335 pages Trade paperback

This book is about some ancient universal concepts that can be applied in everyday life. Ali's outstanding book combines the "limbic" language of silence with physical exercise. Read and try it, you'll like it!
Doris Rapp, M.D., Author, Is This Your Child?

Can physical exercise provide a deeply personal, treasured retreat from the relentless chatter of the thinking mind?
Learn how slow, sustained exercise can be combined with "limbic language" to achieve higher levels of health and spiritual awareness. Exercises specifically designed for specific disorders

"At last a book that helps you discover the exhilaration of motion for motion's sake."
Robert C. Atkins, M.D., Author, Health Revolution




wpe6.gif (8759 bytes)

What Do Lions Know About Stress
ISBN 1-879131-10-2
Trade Paperback 550 pages

"Our leaders in business and politics need to learn about stress - and Ali's lions have some valuable lessons for them!
Professor Julio Sotelo, Cornell University Medical College, New York

A Different View of Stress
A physician does his most worthy work when he participates in his patient's suffering. In participating in their suffering, my patients with severe, chronic stress have given me two insights.

the common notion of stress being fight-or-flight response to a demand for change is so inadequate as to be clinically irrelevant.

spirituality makes psychology irrelevant.

In this volume, I include many true-to-life stories of my patients and describe the energetic-molecular basis of their suffering. I relate how long hours of listening to them led me to conclude that the popular notion of mind-over-body healing is a cruel joke, and, in essence, pours salt on their wounds. I also recognized that the prevailing practice of searching for relief of the agony of the present through 'working out the problems of the past' is little more than a cortical trap-the mind endlessly recycles past pain or recycles feared, future misery. Psychology, by and large, keeps us incarcerated in obsolete models of disease and sufferings. Spirituality set us free.

 The Butterfly and Life Span butterfly.gif (9194 bytes)Nutrition
ISBN 1-879131-01-3
419 pages, trade paperback

A compelling book that calls dieting a myth and gives original and innovative solutions to the problem of nutrition, health, and obesity. Geared to repeat dieters who have dieted their way into poor health. This book also highlights Dr. Ali's theory on oxidation as the cause of aging! Chapter include On the Nature of Obesity; Stress, Obesity and the Language of Silence. Why Dieting Does Not Work; The Catabolic Maladaptation; Life Span Food Choices; On Limbic Eating!

Butterfly PDF
The Dysox Model of Cancer
Majid Ali, M.D.
$9.95 472 pages



The Oxygen Protocol for the Treatment of Cancer
Majid Ali, M.D.
$9.95 400 pages

Chapters in theses works include:
1. Restoring Bowel Health
2. Restoring Liver Health
3. Restoring Blood Health
4. Alkalizing therapies
5. Enzyme therapies
6. Oxygen therapies
7. Limbic breathing
8. Sleep
9. Spice Medicine

and much more



E- BOOK $9.95

Instant Download PDF VERSION ONLY!

Dr. Ali presents his plan for reversing Diabetes. In cases when diabetes cannot be reversed due to complete insulin depletion, this book offers valuable information on avoiding the complications of diabetes.


canary1.gif (6214 bytes)The Canary and
Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue sufferers are human canaries--unique people who tolerate poorly the biologic oxidative stressors of the late 20th century. They are genetically predisposed to injury and their energy and detoxification enzymes by agents in their internal and external environments.

Their molecular defenses are damaged by undiagnosed and unmanaged allergies, chemical sensitivities, environmental pollutants, microbes, sugar-insulin-adrenaline roller coasters, stress and hostility of sped up lives. Under their skin, they carry oxidative storms--the Fourth of July chemistry.

This book offers information and guidance about nondrug therapies that do work for the fatigue sufferer as well as the professional.


E-Book price $9.95 PDF VERSION ONLY

Integrative Protocols of Integrative Medicine
Includes Dr. Ali's 
IV and IM formulations



 E-Book price $35 PDF

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