Peroxide Foot Soaks
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Peroxide Foot Soaks
Disease states, at their core, are states of evolution in reverse—respiratory-to-fermentative shift in ATP energy generation. In 1999, I introduced the term oxystatic therapies for treatments that restore oxygen homeostasis in the body. I focused on all the elements that impede oxygen-driven functions of the body—energetic, metabolic, detergent, immune, detoxification, and regenerative—and so interfere with body's healing responses. This is a crucial issue in the reversal of all chronic disorders.

Three videos about the benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide
Peroxide Soaks - How Do They Work?

Hydrogen Peroxide Benefits

Hydrogen Peroxide for Cancer


Peroxide: An Inexpensive and Effective Therapy
Hydrogen peroxide soaks are very helpful in nearly all cases of inflammatory, autoimmune, degenerative, and malignant tumors. The most dramatic demonstration of the benefits are seen in cases of chronic low-grade inflammation, tissue swelling, and poorly healing injured ligaments and joint tissues. Recent research has shown how minute amounts of hydrogen peroxide can activate several genes that are responsible for clearing tissue debris and improve venous and lymphatic circulation.

At the Institute, we have observed many empirical benefits of hydrogen peroxide for other clinical conditions. The mechanisms of action of hydrogen peroxide in those situations involve reduction of oxidative stress and restoration of oxygen metabolism.

The soaks can be done for the hands or feet at 20-30 minutes each soak. The soaks may be done at different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide. Any suitable vessel can be used for the soak. If possible, an electric foot bath may be used for additional benefits.

The following is the standard protocol:

H2O2 Soaks Protocol

* Water 10 parts

* Hydrogen peroxide 3% 1 part

* Salt 1/3 teaspoon, preferably sea salt

The amount of fluids may vary depending on the size of the soaking vessel. If redness or irritation occurs please increase the amount of water in order to dilute the concentration.

Hydrogen Peroxide Foot Soaks With Meditation/prayer

Fear and anger are crucial compounding factors in all serious threats to health — real or imagined — that creates the very conditions that threaten cellular health: oxidosis (too much oxidative stress), acidosis (too much acidity), and dysoxygenosis (dysfunctional oxygen metabolism). Thus, in my view, must be considered one of the top priorities in seasonal flu epidemics, and far more importantly in the case of a possible bird flu pandemic. Combining meditation/prayer with hydrogen peroxide foot soaks is the best approach to the twins problems of fear and threatened cellular oxygen metabolism. In this chapter, I also include guidelines for measures that are useful for managing fear and/or anxiety reactions.


First Bath
1. Fill the bath tub with warm water with temperature you prefer.

2. Add one quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide bottle to the bath tub.

3. Add one-half teaspoon of sea salt to the bath water (Baleine is a good brand).

4. Avoid direct contact of the bath tub water with eyes.

5. After five minutes, add a second one quart bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide to the bath water, if there is no tissue irritation is experienced (see caution note below).

6. After five minutes, add the third quart bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide to the bath water.

7. Stay in the bath from 20 to 25 minutes.

Second And Later Baths
1. Fill the bath tub with warm water with temperature you prefer.

2. Add three one-quart bottles of 3% hydrogen peroxide to the bath tub.

3. Avoid direct contact of the bath tub water with eyes.

4. Stay in the bath from 20 to 25 minutes.

1. Use bath water temperature that is comfortable for you.

2. Some women with symptoms of vaginitis may experience temporary irritation and may need to use only one-half or one bottle of peroxide until tissue irritation clears up.

3. Some persons experience lightheaded if they stand up suddenly after a warm bath. It is a necessary safety step that this possibility be kept in mind and one should get up slowly, holding the safety bar or the side of the bath tub.

Brown colored 1 quart bottles of 3% hydrogen peroxide are generally available from drug stores and other stores, such as A&P. It pays to do comparative shopping.

The following text is taken from Dr. Ali's Dysoxygenosis and Oxystatic therapies, the third volume of The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine. As is the case with all other information on this website, it is being offered as educational material, and is not a substitute for medical advice based on full clinical evaluation of the case.

My colleagues at the Institute and I routinely prescribe hydrogen peroxide foot soaks for patients with acute and chronic lower leg edema caused by peripheral arterial insufficiency, varicose veins, unresolved trauma, low-grade chronic infectious and atopic processes. Based on clinical results obtained in several hundred patients, I now consider this therapy (described later in this article) to be the safest and most effective therapy for those conditions.


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