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Majid Ali is a pioneer who is changing the face of medicine with his innovative and spirited approach.

His credentials are impeccable Complementary Medicine Journal

"I stand in awe of Ali's superb scientific knowledge, his insights into the nature of the the healing process and his ability to explain hard science."

Aubrey Worrell, MD
Past President, the American Academy of
Environmental Medicine

Majid Ali, M.D.
ditor, The Journal of Integrative Medicine

Formerly, Associate Professor of Pathology (adj.), College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University, NY

Formerly, President of Staff and
Chief Pathologist, Holy Name Hospital, Teaneck, NJ

Fellow, Royal College of Surgeons of England - Diplomate,

American Board of Anatomic and Clinical Pathology

Diplomate, American Boards of Environmental Medicine

President Capital University of Integrative Medicine

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The More-Plaques-Fewer-Deaths Paradox
First of five-segment Series

Should You Say No to Non-emergency Coronary Bypass Operation?

Majid Ali, M.D.

More arterial plaques are associated with fewer deaths from heart attacks and strokes. No, you did not misread the sentence. I write precisely what I mean: people with less intense plaque formation have higher mortality from cardiovascular diseases. I anticipate harsh frowns from doctors on the title of this tutorial. The idea that plaques in arteries cause heart attacks and strokes is deeply etched in doctors’ belief systems, and through them in the consciousness of the general public. The very notion that more plaques are associated with fewer heart attacks and strokes is likely to be considered preposterous.

Strong Claims Require Strong Evidence

Neglect of the scientific facts of arterial plaques leads to more disastrous treatment errors than any other neglect except that of insulin toxicity that sets the stage for obesity and diabetes. This is a strong claims and requires strong evidence. I devote this five-part series to do just that. I present personal autopsy, microscopic, biochemical, and clinical observations to expose the folly of both the plaque theory and cholesterol theories of coronary heart disease. I also cite the neglected published work of others to further support my assertions.

In past publications, I presented extensive evidence for debunking the "cholesterol theory" of coronary heart disease. In this series, I marshal evidence to debunk the "plaque theory"—the notion that plaques cause heart attacks—to offer readers a liberating and scientifically sound challenge to the dictums of the bypass-stent industry for cardiac conditions that do not threaten life in crisis setting.

The More-plaques-fewer-deaths Paradox

I introduce the term "more-plaques-fewer-deaths paradox" to highlight six essential points.

First, in general fewer coronary heart and stroke deaths are associated with greater degrees of arterial plaques. Surprise!

Second, we have choice: We can keep the inner "endo region" of the arterial wall healthy and live longer, or we can obsess on cholesterol deposits and plaques in the outer region of the arterial wall and live less. Another surprise!

Third, countless lives are lost when non-drug oxygen therapies to restore "endo health" are opposed and blocker drugs (beta blockers, calcium channel bloclers, etc) are used to suppress symptoms caused by injury to endo cells.

Fourth, coronary bypasses and stents do not remove arterial plaques. Stents close up with high frequency and bypasses less often.

Fifth, many people live long healthful lives after coronary bypasses and stents but only when they address issues of foods, environment, an dstress that keep the inner linings of arteries non-sticky and negatively charged.

Sixth, drugs save lives in crisis situations but do not reverse plaque formation to any meaningful degrees. By contrast, the focus on the inner endo region, where the circulating blood interfaces with the arterial wall, prevents heart attacks, strokes, and deaths.

An Iron Pipe With Inner Aluminum Lining

Imagine an iron water pipe with a delicate inner aluminum lining. The lining is so delicate that it is easily injured and leaks water. The lining also has a magical capacity for self-healing. It readily plugs its own micro-holes and prevents further water leakage. However it cannot prevent slow and steady corrosion of the outer strong part of the pipe made of iron by water which leaks through it before it self-plugs.

One part of the iron-aluminum pipe is burried in the soil. With passing years, the corroded iron part of the wall develops microscopic holes and some water leaking through tears in the aluminum lining,escapes into the soil surrounding the pipe. With time, the leaked water feeds mold spores in the soil and other microbes to create moldy, mulch-like suds around the pipe. A CAT scan of the pipe at this time reveals a thickened pipe wall—muddy mulch suds appear like plaques. However, the technology of CAT scanning is not yet advanced to reveal self-healing tears in the inner delicate aluminum lining. When the water flowing through the pipe is checked, it is clear.

Evolution’s Intelligent Design for Arteries
The structure of arteries is one of Nature’s marvel. It is a self-cleansing and self-healing structure. My grandfather forgot to die on time. I do not know whether he lived for 101, 102, or more years. My grandmother lived a similarly long life. They did not have any heart attacks or strokes. The Japanese in Okinawa Islands live for 120 or more years without heart attacks or strokes. That means Nature’s intelligent design for arteries can prevent plaque formation for hundred or more years, if only toxicities of foods, environment, and thoughts can be avoided.

Anatomy of the Arterial Wall
The arterial wall has the following four layers:

1. Inner endothelial (endo for short) lining composed of a single-celled layer

2. A thin layer of loose connective tissue beneath the endo cells.

3. A strong and resilient muscle layer

4. A thin outermost layer of loose connective tissue

The inner endo layer is smooth and has a negative charge. It forms the "inner region" and prevents the blood cells and plasma from sticking to it. The outer region is where muscle and surrounding tissue develop cholesterol crystals, calcium deposits, and plaques. The endo region directly faces the circulating blood while the outer region is removed from it. The endo cells have strong healing ability since they are directly supplied by oxygen and nutrients. By contrast, the outer part damaged by scarring and plaques have limited ability to heal and restore their normal structure.

The "action" in events that trigger heart attacks, strokes, and kidney failure occurs in the endo region—the "endo-blood interface" seems an appropriate designation—and is always regulated and preserved by factors related to oxygen homeostasis (balance). This simple fact is readily validated by high-resolution phase-contrast microscopy. Regrettably, it is completely neglected by doctors controlled by the "heart disease industrial mega-complex." Please ask yourself, when did I last see an "endo commercial" on TV? Or, when did The New York Times publish a large "endo article"? Or, The New Enron Journal of Medicine fight back the "statin monsters" who want everyone to be on drugs like Lipitor, Crestor, Zocor, Pravaco an dothers prescribed to lower blood cholesterol level?

What Do Arterial Plaques Really Mean?
In cardiology literature, those who profit from the plaque preoccupation seldom, if ever, duly recognize and consider evidence against their model of the plaque-death relationships. Below are some quotes from recent cardiology journals that reveal the dimension of the problem that are seldom, if ever, duly considered in the matters of plaque-death relationships:

1. Atherosclerotic plaques that lead to acute coronary syndromes often occur at sites of angiographically mild coronary-artery stenosis. Lesion-related risk factors for such events are poorly understood (N Engl J Med 2011; 364:226-235).

2. Currently, there are no available methods that can reliably predict when or if an atheroma will rupture. ( Journal of Invasive Cardiology 2010;22: 406-411, September 2010).

3. The study by Stone et al. provides conclusive evidence that current morphologic assessments of vulnerable coronary plaque do not predict major adverse cardiovascular events

4. Study4 have confirmed that positive remodeling was a predictor of future acute coronary events, independent of plaque characteristics.

5. In response to the comments of Maseri and colleagues (writers of a letter to the Editor) we agree that the lesion-specific characteristics that we identified were sensitive but not specific for future major adverse cardiovascular events.

6. The 13 infarctions (areas of tissue death) that were related to culprit lesions were caused by stent thrombosis.

Robust Endo Responses Explain the More-Plaques-Fewer-Deaths Paradox
The leaking iron-aluminum pipe analogy explains the absence of the cholesterol-coronary connection, but not the more-plaques-fewer deaths paradox. For this, one must understand diverse tissue healing responses under varying conditions. Acute injury triggers rapid but short-durated response. Chronic ongoing tissue insult, in contrast, evoke persistent healing responses. Such differences are well known to pathologists. Up to a point, the more repeated the insult, the stronger the healing response. Plaque formation in arteries occurs as a delayed consequence of repeated injury to the endo cells, which would be expected to mount stronger and longer lasting "endo-healing" responses. That, indeed, occurs. For example, a compensatory enlargement of human coronary arteries occurs in some cases of advanced plaque formation.

True Significance of Arterial Plaques
Are plaques in the arteries of the heart, brain, and kidneys of no significance? No. Plaques indicate the presence of chronic vascular injury. The longer the duration of vascular injury, the more wide spread the plaques. The crucial clinical importance of more-plaques-fewer-deaths paradox is: It fundamentally challenges the prevailing view of the cause of heart attacks and strokes. It shifts the focus from secondary changes in the outer arterial wall—plaques, cholesterol crystals, and calcium deposits—to the crucial primary events involving the inner endo cells. Heart attacks are triggered when endo cells in the coronary arteries are injured beyond their ability to repair themselves. Strokes are caused when the same happens to endo cells lining brain arteries. And so begins the kidney damage that often leads to dialysis.

In my Oxygen Model of Coronary Artery Disease, micro-clots and micro-plaques in the circulating blood form and endo dysfunction develops due to local dysox conditions (deranged oxygen signals and other aspects of dysfunctional oxygen metabolism). Dysox sets the stage for excess acidity, increased oxyradical activity, and thickening of bodily fluids. Simply stated, heart attacks and strokes are the problems of the "oxygen-endo (ox-en) axis"—the centerpiece of the Oxygen Model.


Majid Ali, M.D.
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They are approximately 45 minutes long and are a "seminar" on the subject.

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and Aging,
Majid Ali, M.D.
490 pages



wpe7.gif (5571 bytes)
RDA Rats, Drugs and Assumptions
ISBN 1-879131-07-2
A book that challenges most of the cherished assumptions of drug medicine. It lays bare many of the deceptions in medical statistics - most of them intended, it seems. It shows how results of valid medical research are deliberately distorted to promote long-term use of drugs of dubious value. It exposes the deep prejudice of practitioners of drug medicine against natural, non-toxic drug therapies.

This book clearly delineates the scientific basis of energetic-molecular events that cause disease, and shows how accelerated oxidative injury to human enzyme systems - comprised of energy, detoxification and digestive enzymes - is the cause of all disease processes. Furthermore, it describes how oxidative enzyme injury leads to disruptions of the bowel, blood and other body organ ecosystems.




 ghoraa.gif (8446 bytes)

The Ghoraa and Limbic Exercise
ISBN 1-879131-02-1
335 pages Trade paperback

This book is about some ancient universal concepts that can be applied in everyday life. Ali's outstanding book combines the "limbic" language of silence with physical exercise. Read and try it, you'll like it!
Doris Rapp, M.D., Author, Is This Your Child?

Can physical exercise provide a deeply personal, treasured retreat from the relentless chatter of the thinking mind?
Learn how slow, sustained exercise can be combined with "limbic language" to achieve higher levels of health and spiritual awareness. Exercises specifically designed for specific disorders

"At last a book that helps you discover the exhilaration of motion for motion's sake."
Robert C. Atkins, M.D., Author, Health Revolution




wpe6.gif (8759 bytes)

What Do Lions Know About Stress
ISBN 1-879131-10-2
Trade Paperback 550 pages

"Our leaders in business and politics need to learn about stress - and Ali's lions have some valuable lessons for them!
Professor Julio Sotelo, Cornell University Medical College, New York

A Different View of Stress
A physician does his most worthy work when he participates in his patient's suffering. In participating in their suffering, my patients with severe, chronic stress have given me two insights.

the common notion of stress being fight-or-flight response to a demand for change is so inadequate as to be clinically irrelevant.

spirituality makes psychology irrelevant.

In this volume, I include many true-to-life stories of my patients and describe the energetic-molecular basis of their suffering. I relate how long hours of listening to them led me to conclude that the popular notion of mind-over-body healing is a cruel joke, and, in essence, pours salt on their wounds. I also recognized that the prevailing practice of searching for relief of the agony of the present through 'working out the problems of the past' is little more than a cortical trap-the mind endlessly recycles past pain or recycles feared, future misery. Psychology, by and large, keeps us incarcerated in obsolete models of disease and sufferings. Spirituality set us free.

 The Butterfly and Life Span butterfly.gif (9194 bytes)Nutrition
ISBN 1-879131-01-3
419 pages, trade paperback

A compelling book that calls dieting a myth and gives original and innovative solutions to the problem of nutrition, health, and obesity. Geared to repeat dieters who have dieted their way into poor health. This book also highlights Dr. Ali's theory on oxidation as the cause of aging! Chapter include On the Nature of Obesity; Stress, Obesity and the Language of Silence. Why Dieting Does Not Work; The Catabolic Maladaptation; Life Span Food Choices; On Limbic Eating!

Butterfly PDF
The Dysox Model of Cancer
Majid Ali, M.D.
$9.95 472 pages



The Oxygen Protocol for the Treatment of Cancer
Majid Ali, M.D.
$9.95 400 pages

Chapters in theses works include:
1. Restoring Bowel Health
2. Restoring Liver Health
3. Restoring Blood Health
4. Alkalizing therapies
5. Enzyme therapies
6. Oxygen therapies
7. Limbic breathing
8. Sleep
9. Spice Medicine

and much more



E- BOOK $9.95

Instant Download PDF VERSION ONLY!

Dr. Ali presents his plan for reversing Diabetes. In cases when diabetes cannot be reversed due to complete insulin depletion, this book offers valuable information on avoiding the complications of diabetes.


canary1.gif (6214 bytes)The Canary and
Chronic Fatigue

Chronic Fatigue sufferers are human canaries--unique people who tolerate poorly the biologic oxidative stressors of the late 20th century. They are genetically predisposed to injury and their energy and detoxification enzymes by agents in their internal and external environments.

Their molecular defenses are damaged by undiagnosed and unmanaged allergies, chemical sensitivities, environmental pollutants, microbes, sugar-insulin-adrenaline roller coasters, stress and hostility of sped up lives. Under their skin, they carry oxidative storms--the Fourth of July chemistry.

This book offers information and guidance about nondrug therapies that do work for the fatigue sufferer as well as the professional.


E-Book price $9.95 PDF VERSION ONLY

Integrative Protocols of Integrative Medicine
Includes Dr. Ali's 
IV and IM formulations



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